A Surprising Source of Courage

by | Feb 19, 2024 | Feelings, Personal Growth

Last week we explored the ways that fear can both keep us safe, and also hold us back.

On this week’s podcast, our conversation turns to cultivating our courage. 

When something feels risky or unfamiliar, where do we find the courage we need to change course, do something unexpected, or say something that might upset someone else?  

When you need an infusion of courage, keep your focus on these two questions:  
1. Who do I want to be in this situation, regardless of the final outcome? (This puts a focus on our integrity and authenticity)
2. What worthy vision and values am I serving when I do so? (This allows us to let go of our egos, personalities and pride, and to step into more alignment with the things that truly matter to us in life.)
Interested in hearing more?  Listen to the entire podcast, or check out the show notes.

(1:29) How do you communicate to friends why you can’t go to their house because they found out that they have bedbugs in their house?
(13:33) How do I say to my mother that I need her to wait 10 seconds after asking me a question so I can process it and respond?
(22:19) How do I create and communicate boundaries when doing photography?
(32:24) How do I manage my energy when responding to negative evaluations?
(44:07) How do we determine when what someone is saying to us is an attack?
(56:15) Outro

What helps you step into courage?  I’d love to know.  Leave a comment below.


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