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Everything changes, when you do.

Speak your truth with confidence and compassion, at home and at work. 

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Everything changes, when you do.

Speak your truth with confidence and compassion, at home and at work. Be honest, kind and effective, in any conversation, with any content.

The clarity and confidence you need to have conversations you never believed were possible.

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I now feel a deeper sense of compassion for myself along with more gentle acceptance when I’m facing conflict and anger.

I’m far less reactive than I used to be, and see more choices in each moment than before. 

– E.B. call participant

Be honest, kind and effective, in any conversation, with any content.

Whether you’re

…  stuck in a power struggle with a loved one…

… trying to enforce a boundary with your teenager,

… longing to reconnect with that person who no longer talks to you,

… or wanting to lead others collaboratively

Let me show you how to apply the transformative tools of Nonviolent Communication, humanistic psychology and mindfulness to: 

        • Communicate with clarity and confidence
        • Build healthier relationships
        • Share yourself with others, authentically
        • Ease conflict and tensions at home and work
        • Deepen your capacity for love

I’ll help you love yourself and get along with other people, better.

    • How do I talk to my brother about his drinking problem?
    • How do I talk to my co-worker about their racist or sexist comments?
    • How do I create more emotional intimacy with my partner?

Whatever path you brought you here, I am delighted you’ve arrived.

Take your time to look around – this site is filled with many free resources and loads of opportunities to get involved in my compassionate-based Learning and Growth Community.

Here, we dive into how transformative frameworks like Nonviolent Communication, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Integral Theory and Psycholgoical insights  can change your life.

Grounded in Goodness.

Rooted in love and freedom

“The longer I live, the more deeply I learn that love — whether we call it friendship or family or romance — is the work of mirroring and magnifying each others’ light.”

-James Baldwin

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Weekly Inspiration & Encouragement

Below you’ll find a few of my most recent blog posts.  Check out the full, searchable blog for more scripts, insights and personal stories about my own journey into deeper compassion and healthier relationships.

Permission to Request What You Want

Permission to Request What You Want

Many of us have spent a lifetime knowing what it is that would make us happy, but not giving ourselves the permission to ask for it.  Often, we protect what we imagine are others’ feelings to the detriment of speaking what is true for ourselves.  

Sometimes even in our closest relationships, telling the people who are important to us exactly what we want or need can feel like an impossible task.  It can be an absolute revelation when we realize that clear requests allow us to show up authentically, and also allow us to co-create the boundaries of our relationship together.

A Surprising Source of Courage

A Surprising Source of Courage

Courage is a necessary component in many relational conversations.  And, if we’re looking for a good, solid dose of courage, we can often find one in by pursuing the vision of what we’re willing to go to bat for.



A nonviolent, global community filled with conscious, co-creative, and compassionate humans who are fueled by the loving power of connection, dedicated to our individual and collective healing, growth, and development, and committed to the alleviation of suffering in our world.


Helping you understand yourself and others so that you can heal, grow and evolve into your fullest potential.

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