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Everything changes, when you do.

Healthy communication and relationship skills for living from your most authentic,  empowered and connected self.

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Everything changes, when you do.

Healthy communciation and relationship skills for living from your most authentic, confident and connected self.

Connect more. Fight less.

Want to have healthy relationships rooted in choice, compassion and connection, instead of being stifled by fear, judgement and control?

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I have felt a deeper sense of compassion for myself along with finding gentle acceptance in the presence of conflict and anger. I often find myself coming back to the methods you’ve shared and have felt inspired to share your work with my family and friends.

– E.B. call participant

Want more connection?

Would you like to connect with yourself and others in honest, effective and open-hearted ways?

Whether you’re stuck in a power struggle with a loved one, trying to enforce a boundary with your teenager, longing to reconnect with that person who no longer talks to you, or wanting to lead others collaboratively, I can help you:


        • Communicate with clarity and confidence
        • Build healthier relationships
        • Share yourself with others, authentically
        • Ease conflict and tensions at home and work
        • Deepen your capacity for love

    Whatever path you brought you here, I am delighted you’ve arrived. Take your time to look around – this site is filled with many free resources and loads of opportunities to get involved in my Compassion Community.

Grounded in Goodness.

Rooted in love and freedom

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Weekly Inspiration & Encouragement

Below you’ll find a few of my most recent blog posts.  Check out the full, searchable blog for more scripts, insights and personsl stories about my own journey into deeper compassion and healthier relationships.



A global community filled with conscious, co-creative, and compassionate humans who are fueled by the loving power of connection, dedicated to our individual and collective healing, growth, and development, and committed to the alleviation of suffering in our world.


Helping you understand human dynamics so that you can heal, grow and evolve into your fullest potential.
Open-hearted. Connected. Interdepenent. Discerning. Wise mind.  Core Principles.


Relational. Reciprocal. Consentual. Compassion-based. Feminist. Inclusive. Anti-oppression. Anti-colonial.  Trauma-informed. Nonviolence. Freedom. Love. Sustainable, interdependent systemic change, beginning from the inside out.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Build Better Relationships

Human 101

Get all the strategies, insights and tools you need to improve your relationships.

My Flagship Course

Be fully yourself and have deep, meaningful connections with others at the same time.

Human 101 is the only course you’ll ever need to successfully navigate the important but complex relationships in your life. You’ll get a new roadmap and practical tools for navigating human dynamics with clarity, compassion, and confidence.

As you work through the modules, you’ll discover new scripts, fresh insights, and novel approaches to connect easily with anyone – at home and work.

“The outward work will never be puny if the inward work is great.”

– Meister Eckhart