When Does Fear Help, or Harm?

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Feelings, Healing Trauma, Personal Growth

Have you ever been a passenger when someone else is driving, and you find yourself gripping the seat in fear?

Or, maybe you’ve been censoring yourself in a meeting, inhibited by what you imagine others’ judgments might be?

Sometimes our fears are a form of wisdom, directing our attention to our safety and well-being. Other times, our fears are an invitation into courageous action and risk-taking.  

On this week’s podcast, we explore the role of fear in our lives: When does fear keep you alive, and when does fear keep you from living?  

Listen to the entire show, or check out these show notes:

Show notes:
(1:14) Yvette shares a celebration
(5:32) How do I express concerns about someone’s driving without criticism?
(13:53) How do I respond to triggering emails and delaying responses to difficult conversations?
(28:29) How do I balance self-values and external philosophies?
(42:19) How do I deal with being estranged from adult children?
(53:10) Outro

What lessons have you learned from fear?  I’d love to know.  Leave a comment below.


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