The Power of Presence in Navigating Relationships and Self-Care

by | Aug 29, 2023 | Healthy Relationships, Personal Growth

awaWith awareness, comes choice.

And to cultivate awareness, we need to practice being fully present.

This week’s podcast episode begins with this idea:

“Once you’ve hit a certain state where something is just going to play out, play it out until the moment that you get conscious awareness.  The moment you have awareness is when you have choice. You do not have choice when you are hijacked.  You have choice the moment you’re aware that you’re hijacked.”   

Want to listen to the rest of that conversation?  Find it here, or wherever you access your podcasts.

Want to skip to the good parts?  Here are the show notes:

[1:10] Addressing communication and relationship needs
[14:35] Navigating relational dynamics and boundaries
[21:31] Difficult conversations and self-care in relationships
[29:43] Self-care in challenging relationships
[36:42] Setting boundaries, seeking help for others
[44:16] Training to increase awareness and choices
[55:08] Check out my website for a fun listening quiz about Listening Archetypes
[55:48] Outro

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