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Do You Know Your Listening Archetype?

Take this FREE 2-minute Quiz to Get a Personalized Plan to Bring More Peace to Your Relationships Based on What Type of Listener You Are.

“Why Do I Need to Understand My Listening Archetype?”

When most people discover what type of communicator they are, they focus heavily on their speaking style – how and what they are saying to others.

But expressing ourselves effectively is only part of the equation. 

Here’s the thing: focusing only on your expressive style doesn’t go deeply enough: it leaves out the critical awareness of how you’re receiving others, interpreting cues and the filters that might be distorting your perceptions of what’s being communicated from others.

To be the most effective communicator possible takes skillful listening and interpersonal attunement.. And this is where understanding your listening archetype can be a game-changer for you. 

What if you had more peace in all of your relationships — at work, at home, and with friends?

When you understand your listening archetype, you can get more strategic about where your growth edge is and get instant clarity about what might be leading to misunderstandings and painful glitches betweeen you and others.

You can also create deeper connection in your relationships with others, self-acceptance with yourself, and pursue your life purpose.

Who Created this Quiz?

Hi, I’m Dr. Yvette Erasmus.

I know what it’s like to be stuck in power struggles and feel conflict and disconnection in my relationships at home and work. I used to be afraid to own my power by expressing myself authentically because I was scared it might damage my relationships.

As a licensed clinical psychologist and trauma-informed educator, I’ve spent a lifetime unlearning self-sabotaging habits and developing the skills and insights needed to communicate in relational ways with myself and others. 

Now I’m growing an online community that helps others develop self-compassion and communicate effectively. I frequently give workshops on nonviolent communication around the nation, and I also consult with changemakers, board directors, and business leaders who fight for social justice. 

Is it your turn? Take my quiz and find out for yourself!

With much love and tenderness –

                       Yvette Erasmus