What Do I Do When the Talking Gets Tough? Three Strategies to Try.

by | Dec 26, 2023 | Healthy Relationships, Nonviolent Communication

Communication that connects us deeply with others, leaving us each feeling safe and known, seen and heard, takes presence, intention and effort – especially when things go awry.

As you’ll hear in the podcast this week, sometimes we’re unsure why others find it difficult to speak with us, or why they avoid us.

Other times, when people are used to communicating with us in ways that no longer feel good or affirming to us, we can struggle to find a way to shift course together.

Finding the sweet spot between understanding and being understood – between enjoying the presence of others and riding the waves of inevitable misunderstanding and conflict – can be a challenge.

On this week’s podcast, we explore three key ways of bringing more ease when conversations become challenging – here’s a quick preview:

1.  Resource ourselves internally so that we can ask gentle and clear questions.

2.  Set an intention to work with people as they are, and not as we wish they could be.

3.  Drop our attachments to our own agenda or outcome.

Listen to the full podcast here, or jump to any specific section using the following show notes:

Show notes:
(0:50) How do I prep for a mediation when I am in the dark about the nature of the upset?
(11:56) How do I improve the family dynamics and communication with a sister who bosses me around?
(28:38) How can I respond when someone tells me what I “need to” do?
(35:50) What are other options for dealing with my dad, who’s in assisted living?
(53:11) How do I manage my feelings and support a young family member who says we never have enough time together?
(56:02) Outro


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