Transforming Our Relationship with Anger

by | Apr 4, 2023 | Feelings

I love working from home since I live right across the street from a nature reserve.  I can throw on my shoes and be out the door – and in nature – so quickly.

I went for a walk after the big snow this last weekend, and I was thinking about the power driving the beauty of spring. 

It takes powerful energy for flowers to bloom, for trees to unfurl their new leaves, for dormant grass to green.  

This upward whooshing of life energy, as it moves up and out the tips of the trees, reminded me of how our feelings work in similar ways.  

For example, take anger.  Anger often begins deep in our abdomen.  It swells and whooshes up and out our extremities.   

It is powerful, it is strong, and it is inherently creative.  

  • What would it be like if we learned from our anger, and harnessed it as a means of creation?
  • How would the world be different if we all remembered  the differences between anger and aggression?   
  • How would our relationships be improved if we were encouraged to listen to the needs behind our anger, instead of being told to silence them?  Ignore them?  Deny them?  

In our Membership this month we’ll be exploring our relationship with anger – the needs that drive it, its creative power and passion, and its important function in protecting ourselves.

If you’re interested in transforming your relationship with anger, I hope you will join us

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