A List of Delights

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Feelings

Our survival brains have a built-in negativity bias because – evolutionarily speaking – it’s much better to think that something is a snake, and to jump out of the way only to discover that it’s a vine on your path, than to assume it’s a vine, and be bitten by a snake.  

If we have to get something wrong from a survival point of view, we’re better off with “false positives” – thinking it is something and then finding out (whew) it’s not true, than “false negatives” – thinking nothing’s wrong, when (gulp) it’s actually something.

Social science research confirms that painful experiences are just more memorable than pleasurable ones. 

We tend to take the good for granted, but ruminate about potential threats.  John Gottman’s research reveals we typically need five positive interactions to make up for every negative interaction we have with someone.  Neuroscientist Rick Hansen often points out that although, “the brain is like Velcro for negative experiences, but Teflon for positive ones,” that we can absolutely change this with the deliberate and intentional practice of taking in the good.   

What if we intentionally started to focus on what works, what’s possible and what brings us joy, instead of being ruled by our fears and memories? 

We can absolutely practice ourselves into this way of being.

Tilting our brains on a daily basis towards savoring the good in our lives strengthens positive neural networks and implicit memory systems in our brains.  Instead of habitually spotlighting “what’s wrong” in our lives, our brains will begin to more readily enjoy those things that delight, resource and energize us.  

Try this:  For a week (at least) generate a Daily List of Delights. Put down anything and everything that you can think of each day that brings you joy or relaxes your nervous system. Make it a daily practice to connect with goodness, beauty and enjoyment.  

Need some inspiration?  

Here’s a random list of my current delights and happy-making things: 

Finding a handwritten note in my mailbox

Homemade mac and cheese with thick pancetta

Beautifully wrapped gifts 

“Leave it with me, I’ll plan it out.” 

Finishing a great book and leaving it for someone to enjoy

The calm after a storm passes – literally and metaphorically 

Starry, starry nights and crackling fires

Curling my toes into warm, white sand 

Turquoise water

The basalt columns that make up the Giant’s Causeway

Drifting 15 feet beneath the surface along a coral reef 

Warm sunshine on my skin

Midnight walks in the forest over freshly fallen snow during the full moon

When the sun breaks through the clouds 

Mary Oliver poems 

Leonard Cohen’s voice and lyrics 

Gerbera Daisies 

Bear hugs

Purging my closet

Fresh, sweet mangoes and sticky rice 

People who wear their hearts on their sleeves 

When someone refills my drinks without my asking 

Plot twists 

Ted Lasso 

Bohemian Rhapsody

Sleeping babies.  Napping cats 

The power of the ripple effect 

Enjoy Todd Doughty’s inspirational lists in Little Pieces of Hope

And now it’s your turn … What are some happy-making things in your life right now? What is bringing you joy?  I’d love to know, leave a comment below.


  1. Holly

    The smell if fireplace burning
    Sitting by the window while snowing with hot tea and WRITING or reading
    Playing games with each if my children
    Playing scrabb with peter
    Watching a love story with peter
    Organizing my teacher material
    Organizing my closet
    Giving away clothes
    Purging the old toys
    Finishing all laundry

    • Glennie

      I love some of the things you love,: Mango and sticky rice, napping cats, Leonard Cohen’s voice and lyrics, favorite movies like Women on the 6th floor, Vitus and many more.
      Sitting on the couch with the sun streaming in, a good book, vetting out in the garden or nature. I love the idea of a walk in the night on fresh snow. I will do that this winter. The sun onmy butt when bending over to pull a weed, N.V.C., Enlightenment Dyads,and Wednesday morning class with Yvette Erasmus.

    • Glennie

      Finishing the laundry. I had not thought of that before. Thank you. I do love that feeling of satisfaction that the laundry is finished.

  2. Suzann Long

    Topping my list at this moment and many other moments is the joy I feel belonging to this membership which has opened my heart and mind to many more joys for which I am truly grateful.

    • Glennie

  3. Yvonne

    My first cup of coffee each morning
    being awake before anyone else is up
    My dog snuffling her head under my hand because she wants my attention,
    Long hugs from my daughter
    Thinking of you texts from friends and familY

  4. Bill

    The cool glass of water i draNk after yoga tHis morning. It felt like a cool swim in the lake on a hot day.
    The sight of deer scampering thRough the wood.
    The sound of chirch bells in the distance.
    HOt coffee and a cookie.


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