Feeling Our Feelings

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Feelings

I’ve been feeling the heaviness of world events these days – perhaps you have too?

In times like these, – when life feels heavy, tight, or chaotic, it helps me to remember that our feelings are just neutral data, giving us information about our perceptions and our universal human needs.

Yes, biologically, some emotions feel so much more enjoyable than others! I enjoy feeling happy, satisfied and relaxed, while I really don’t like finding myself ruminating cycles of anger, depression or anxiety.

Even though I know that feelings like anger, depression and anxiety, can be released and processed when I’m willing to just feel them from a nonjudgmental and nonresistant stance, I often first find myself in common trap: asking “What is wrong?”

Although our mind is just trying to help us figure something out, asking “What is wrong” inadvertently amplifies our unpleasant feelings by reinforcing the idea that there is either something wrong – either with me, with you or the world at large. This kind of thinking then keeps us stuck focusing on many things that are outside of our control, instead of digging into the wisdom we might find within, if we know where to look. To hear me explaining this in a youtube video, you can watch here. 

What, then, can help?
How can we move beyond “what’s wrong?” when feeling really intense emotions? 

Develop a willingness and ability to feel all our feelings.  
Easy to say, hard to do.  
So, you may ask, how do I actually feel my feelings – especially when I don’t want to?  
I have the perfect resource for you!

Check out my step-by-step guide to feeling your feelings.    

Once you walk through that guide, come back here and let me know:  What steps are most helpful to you feeling and processing your emotions?  Are any missing? What would you add? 

I’d love to know; leave a comment below.

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  1. Leah

    the answer? Always and ever other people… being willing to no longer leave us alone in our pain, but just sitting with us, as we can with them… Happy half a century dear Yvette… your scripts and kindnesses help me to not only celebrate being alive every day, but to be able to cherish my most difficult of mums. may this year be your best ever!!


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