Three Things I’m Loving This Week

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Personal Growth

Three things came across my desk this week, catching my attention and inspiring me.  So, I’m sharing them with you this week, in the hopes that they work their magic in your life, too!

The first is an interview with Gabor Mate entitled  This is Why You Feel Lost and Unhappy in Life.  Dr. Mate discusses the interplay between the deep need for authenticity and a human’s need for attachment.  It’s a fascinating discussion on Dr. Mate’s belief that the world is experiencing an increase in autoimmune diseases as a result of having to choose to belong at the cost of sacrificing one’s own authenticity.  

The second is Feminine Power by Charles Eisenstein  on the contrasts between masculine and feminine power.  According to Eisenstein, in a well-balanced world where both male and female are honored and respected, feminine power asks the question “What shall we do” and masculine power asks the question “How shall we do it?”  

Finally, a loved one sent me  this beautiful poem  by Ariana Brown entitled For Everyone Who Tried on the Slipper Before Cinderella.  It inspired me to continue to be open to the goodness ever present around me.  I hope you enjoy it!

Did any of the above resonate with you?  Leave a comment below!




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