Resources to Transform Oppression

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Dismantling Domination Systems

Reflecting with a friend this weekend on how quickly time passes, neither of us could believe it’s already been three years since the murder of George Floyd.

Since then, I’ve become more immersed in studying and understanding how systems of domination and oppression live inside and outside of myself. 

The spiritual teaching:  As Within, So Without; As Above, So Below makes sense to me, and I am always watching for ways in which our outsides are a reflection of our insides.  Fragmentation within us is often expressed outside of ourselves – and vice versa.

The hopeful thing about that perspective for me is that I can go to work on what I find inside of me (the one place where I have agency, control and choice) and can then trust that these changes will ripple out beyond me into the wider world. 

Systemic domination culture is insidious, and transforming its impact and legacy takes careful examination, and meticulous care.

In case you’re on your own journey of undoing internalized and systemic oppression, here are some resources to inspire you to continue on your path.

First, here are a couple of blogs offering some practical tools:

And, if you’d rather watch a YouTube video discussing some strategies for dismantling internalized oppression, take a look at: 

How are you unlearning domination?  I’d love to know – leave a comment below!


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