Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Let’s Assess the Health of Your Relationships

Free 3-Part Video Course

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Figure out if you’re bailing too soon or staying too long.


Get clear on when to say yes and when to say no.


Understand how your biology and beliefs distort your perceptions.


Identify self-sabotaging habits that get in the way of making good choices.


Learn 6 practical ways to show up in any situation with confidence, kindness & compassion

Relationships are foundational to your well-being.

Are yours helping you become your best self, or sucking the life energy out of you?

Get the clarity you need:  

Should you keep investing your precious energy and attention  … or is it really time to move on?

In less than an hour, you’ll change the way you see yourself, your options, and your choices.

  • Is this relationship serving your growth, or toxic to your well-being?
  • Is your discomfort coming from your wisdom, or your wounds? 
  • Is it better self-care to detach and leave, or to re-invest and double down?

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What’s Included

Three short videos walk you through a step-by-step decision-making framework 

Downloadable workbook with a simple roadmap and practical checklists to help you make empowering decisions from your heart and soul.

About Me

As a teacher, writer, psychologist, and consultant, I integrate core insights from multiple wisdom traditions.

In my teachings for this course, I draw from integral psychology, somatic therapies, nonviolent communication, empathy practice, research in neuroscience and habit formation, as well as insights from more than 25 years of international teaching, coaching, and therapy around the world.