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Elevate Your Empathy, Connection and Facilitation 

Next-level practice and coaching sessions that go beyond the basics for those in my monthly membership program.

Experience the joy of building authentic, compassionate relationships with others and with yourself.

Want to integrate the principles and practices of nonviolent communication? into your everyday life?

Want a safe haven for brave growth?

Let's nurture your capacity for meaningful human connections.

If you’ve been in my membership for a while, and are looking for deeper practice sessions with others, you may want to join our Advanced Practice Group!

Benefits of Joining Include

Go Beyond the Basics: Leave the entry-level teachings behind and dive into advanced communication and relationship techniques that will challenge and inspire you to reach new levels of communication mastery.

Expand Your Empathy Toolkit: Discover advanced empathy techniques that enable you to truly connect with others on a soul-to-soul level, fostering genuine understanding and compassion.

Connect with Like-Minded Peers: Surround yourself with peers who share your passion for empathic communication and personal growth. Engage in deep, meaningful discussions that expand your embodiment of principles and practices of nonvioence in all your relationships.

Explore Complex Topics: Delve into nuanced areas of NVC, such as addressing power dynamics, handling deep-seated triggers, and navigating sensitive emotions with grace and understanding.

Guidance from a Seasoned Facilitator: Benefit from the wisdom and experiences that I’ve accumulated on my own shared journey in these spaces. Receive personalized feedback and insights that will refine your techniques and nurture your journey.

Transformative Self-Discovery: Uncover layers of self-awareness that will illuminate your communication patterns and empower you to make conscious choices in every interaction.

Experience Real-Life Applications: Put your well-honed skills to the test with role-playing exercises and real-life scenarios. Gain confidence and finesse in applying NVC principles to any situation, whether at home, work, or in challenging social interactions.

Embrace Vulnerability as Strength: In this safe and supportive space, vulnerability is not only accepted but celebrated. Embrace your authentic self and explore emotional depths that lead to profound growth.

Learn to Facilitate: Develop skills to facilitate your own workshops and practice groups, empowering you to share your expertise and contribute to your communities, no matter where you work or play. 

Who is This Group For?

This group is tailored for open-hearted, empathic individuals who are already familiar with Nonviolent Commuincation, are committed to personal growth and are eager to enhance their empathic capacities, communication skills, and emotional intelligence.

If you resonate with any of the following, you’ll find immense value in this practice group:

Empathic Leaders: You are a leader, coach, therapist, or educator who wants to integrate advanced empathy techniques into your professional practice.

Relationship Seekers: You value authentic and meaningful connections and are dedicated to cultivating profound relationships in all areas of life.

Social Change Agents: As you advocate for social justice, you want to enhance your ability to communicate effectively, promote understanding, and bridge divides.

Students of NVC: You have completed foundational NVC training and are eager to take your skills to the next level, more deeply exploring nonviolent consciousness beneath the communication model.

Growth-Oriented Individuals: You are committed to personal growth, continuous learning, and embracing vulnerability as a pathway to deeper understanding.

Emotional Intelligence Advocates: You are passionate about emotional intelligence and self-awareness, and are ready to explore advanced methods of emotional regulation and expression.

Practice with Us!

Some Reviews from real people

I wanted to shore up and tidy my relational tool-box.

When I signed up, I felt as though my metaphorical relationship workbench was a total mess. Over the last year, I’ve learned to use a bunch of new tools, and even though it’s frustrating when I encounter a moment when I know a tool is needed and I can’t decipher which and quite how it works, I now have a community and a place to turn to for support and practical guidance.

– Anonymous

Yvette is a Black Belt in personal relationships and communication.

There is no one I know who is as extraordinary at working with people to have them get in touch with themselves and others in such a powerful, effective manner. She can consistently and patiently deal with people’s wide range of challenges and provide such caring, heartfelt, wise and effective ways of addressing each of them. Yvette is a gift to our world.

-Terry Gips, CEO of Sustainability Associates, Co-Founder and President of the Alliance for Sustainability

Yvette purposefully creates an extremely safe environment and culture where everyone’s feelings and needs are honored.

Her facilitation and counseling skills are phenomenal, she is highly skilled, deeply empathic, very patient, exceptionally compassionate and extremely insightful.

-Dave Casey, Certified Life Coach and Organizational Development Consultant, CPCC

Yvette’s lucid and inspiring translation of NVC helped me to embody this practice and carry it with me everyday.

Even the relationships in my life that were working well have grown more satisfying and joyful. Working with Yvette has been transformational. She has helped me discover how everyday life can be more awesome and wonderful.

-Wendy Morris

This group is not a good fit for you if …

Your desire to RECEIVE empathy is greater than your desire to OFFER empathy. (We will be focusing on our own skill development, growth and learning, and less on receiving help from one another – even though that is often a delightful side-effect of practice!)

You’re just beginning your journey with nonviolent communication and are still developing your emotional literacy and needs literacy. (We will focus on applying and honing an already solid skill set, not on building the foundational skills.)

You’re looking for a space to advise, teach or educate others. (This group is for fellow-journeyers coming from shared humanity and will focus on skills for enhancing empathic connection with others and skillful, kind self-expression.) 

You’re suffering from unhealed trauma, have trouble self-regulating and are still easily triggered into shame, fear and reactivity. (If this is you, let’s find you a great therapy group, healing group or support group instead.) 

You Seek Quick Fixes: Personal growth and empathy-building require patience and dedication. If you’re looking for overnight solutions, this group might not meet your expectations.

You Resist Self-Reflection: Embracing empathy and relationship skills involves self-exploration and introspection. If you’re not ready to look inward, this group may not align with your needs.

You Justify Harmful Behavior: Our group is founded on respect and compassion for all individuals. If your intentions are to promote harmful behaviors or ideologies, this is not the space for you.

One of our members recently said, “I feel like I’m getting deep training in being a better human and living peacefully with others without giving up any of my own strength or authenticity like I usually feel like I have to do.”

Deeper Skills Practice Sessions

Mondays from 6pm-7:30pm CT, every other week.

Due to the nature of this program, active participation and attendance is requested on all calls.

This will be one of the few calls where each person will be asked to be ON video, and in active dialogue and discussion with one another during all calls.

Why I started this group  …

After witnessing the profound impact the principles and practices of a compassion-based, empathy-heavy nonviolent ways of being have had on countless lives, I felt compelled to create this Advanced Practice Group so that I can help others, who are helping other. 

As a passionate advocate for empathy, connection, and personal growth, I wanted to provide a space for experienced students, practitioners and students of compassion-based healing and change to delve deeper into the intricacies of NVC, challenge themselves to new levels of understanding, and foster a supportive community where vulnerability is celebrated as strength.

I also longed to create a space where high-functioning, resourced, skilled people with sound interpersonal capacities can come together for mutual support and exploration.  

This group is born out of a shared belief in the transformative power of empathy, and my goal is to empower individuals like you to elevate your communication skills and create a ripple effect of positive change in our world. Together, we embark on an inspiring journey of empathy, connection, and empowered living.

Pricing Plans

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If you are experiencing financial abundance and want to sponsor someone in joining the membership, please let us know, and we will gladly pass on your additional contribution to someone who needs it.