Transform Your Relationships

Powerful tools for open-hearted professionals seeking connection, co-creation and collaboration with anyone.

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Transform Your Relationships

Powerful tools for connection, co-creation and collaboration with anyone.

From Internal Struggle to Internal Strength

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Welcome to a new way of living, where every relationship enriches your life and deepens your understanding of yourself and others.

Here, we believe in the power of transformation—from control to connection, from judgment to compassion, and from feeling disempowered to fully empowered.

Through our expertly crafted informational products and personalized implementation support, we guide high-achieving professionals like you out of the cycles of loneliness and power-struggles into fulfilling relationships that matter.

Join us to learn how to replace blame and shame with connection, co-creation, and collaboration.

It’s time to trust yourself more, speak from your heart, and listen deeply—to transform not only your relationships but also the world around you.

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I now feel a deeper sense of compassion for myself along with more gentle acceptance when I’m facing conflict and anger.

I’m far less reactive than I used to be, and see more choices in each moment than before. 

– E.B. call participant

Stuck in a power struggle with a loved one?

Trying to enforce a boundary with a teenager?

Longing to connect with someone who no longers talks to you?

Want to lead for more high-trust, collaborative teams?

 Ever asked yourself …


      • How can I phrase this so that they don’t get angry or upset?
      • How do I talk to my co-worker about their offensive comments?
      • How do I create a deeper,  more meaningful connection with my partner?

Learn how to  …

        • Communicate with clarity and confidence
        • Build healthier relationships
        • Share yourself with others, authentically
        • Ease conflict and tensions at home and work
        • Deepen your capacity for love

Whatever path you brought you here, I am delighted you’ve arrived.

Take your time to look around – this site is filled with many free resources and loads of opportunities to get involved in my compassionate-based Learning and Growth Community.

Let me show you how to apply transformative tools including  Nonviolent Communication, Mindfulness and Self-Compassion practices, as well as framewords from psychology and Integral Theory that will change your life.

Grounded in Goodness.

Rooted in love and freedom

Be honest, kind and supremely effective, in any conversation, with any content.

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Weekly Inspiration & Encouragement

Below you’ll find a few of my most recent blog posts.  Check out the full, searchable blog for more scripts, insights and personal stories about my own journey into deeper compassion and healthier relationships.

How to Listen Without Getting Defensive

How to Listen Without Getting Defensive

It’s rarely our first instinct to listen without getting defensive.  Defensiveness is a natural response designed to protect us in situations where we may be concerned for our safety.  However, when we become defensive, we close ourselves off to our hearts.  We become unable to access the vulnerable part of us that can actually shift and de-escalate conflict.  Additionally, we become cut off from valuable insights and perspectives from others, ultimately sabotaging effective communication and connection. The key to stepping out of our heavily reinforced habit of defending ourselves in conflict lies in focusing on two internal resources:  our intention and our attention.

The Simple Sweet Spot Between Giving and Receiving

The Simple Sweet Spot Between Giving and Receiving

Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin, inextricably linked in the fabric of human relationships. When we give, we often experience a sense of purpose, connection, and contribution. However, if we give excessively without replenishing our own resources, we may feel drained and resentful.
On the other hand, receiving can be a beautiful act of vulnerability and trust. It allows us to accept support, nurture, and care from others. Yet, an overemphasis on receiving without reciprocating can lead to a sense of entitlement and disconnection from the larger community.

Balancing Rules and Freedom

Balancing Rules and Freedom

In our complex world, balancing rules and freedom can be a struggle:  we can find ourselves caught between the need for structure and the desire for autonomy. When it comes to the paradox of rules versus freedom, NVC offers a unique perspective. It suggests that both rules and freedom are expressions of fundamental human needs, such as safety, autonomy, respect, and connection.

“The longer I live, the more deeply I learn that love — whether we call it friendship or family or romance — is the work of mirroring and magnifying each others’ light.”

-James Baldwin



A nonviolent, global community filled with conscious, co-creative, and compassionate humans who are fueled by the loving power of connection, dedicated to our individual and collective healing, growth, and development, and committed to the alleviation of suffering in our world.


Helping you understand yourself and others so that you can heal, grow and evolve into your fullest potential.

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