Transform power-struggles into meaningful connection and internal freedom.

Learn and Grow with Me!

Live Learning Calls 

Conversations from the Heart

For absolutely everyone. (Especially you.)

Free, drop-in, Q&A-based live learning call
Every Wednesday at 10am CT via Zoom

We explore how to apply nonviolent communication, mindfulness, and integrative psychology as we become more conscious, courageous, and compassionate humans.

Full Membership Program

Healthy communication tools for all relationships with ourselves and with others, at home and at work

My membership program ranges from free access to all our introductory programs to a deeper dive for more committed students, with paid full access to all our live group coaching calls (20 hours per month), our community directory, learning library, program discounts, and more.

Get the skills and support needed to live from your most authentic self.

Self-Paced Online Courses

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Assess the Health of Your Relationship

Make healthy relationship choices from your heart with integrity and compassion for yourself and others. Assess the red and green flags in any current relationship and get a new roadmap for meaningful change.

Human 101

Building Better Relationships

Capacity building, rooted in love. This comprehensive, foundational course gives you a new roadmap and practical tools for navigating human dynamics with clarity, compassion, and confidence.

If you’re looking for the DIY foundational underpinnings of Dr. Erasmus’ coaching and therapy work, this is it!

Self-paced, pre-recorded video course (5+ hours)
Plus a variety of quick-reference resource tools

The Boundaries Masterclass

Boundaries, rooted in love. Scripts and tools to set and enforce conscious, compassionate, and clear boundaries with others.

The Parenting Masterclass

Parenting, rooted in love. Develop authentic, conscious, deep, and unshakeable relationships with your children.

Both/And Bootcamp

Thinking, rooted in love. Practical thinking tools to help you transfrom either/or thinking to a powerful both/and consciousness.  Want to transcend right and wrong thinking? Take this course.

Private Sessions

Tailored to your needs

One-on-One with Yvette

Private sessions are tailored to your specific needs. They could include unpacking a situation, deep empathy, strategizing, scripting, and coaching.