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The Sovereign listening archetype



The Warrior

When you listen through a Warrior Archeype, you tend to listen “on the lookout” for an attack, possible judgment, possible critcism or misunderstanding.

 You may have had many experiences of being misunderstood or accused of things that are not true about you, and when you now take things personally, you defend yourself, sometimes by putting the blame back on the other person.  

Characteristics of the


Warrior Listening Archetype

When you listen through the archetype or the Warrior, you’re on the lookout for attacks and danger, respond with self-protective anger or indignation toward the other, and then either engage in self-defense or counterattack.

Your listening archetype can be a strength that helps you fight for justice and seek accountability for harm when someone has hurt you or someone else in some way.

While you may be quick to see the part that someone else is playing in a conflict, and may easily identify others’ responsibility or culpability in a conflict, focusing heavily on the other person often results in you paying a heavy price in reduced trust and connection in your relationship with that person.

The path of the Warrior often involves leaning deeply into the life-affirming aspects of healthy anger, without falling into the trap of becoming harmful and destructive themselves. 

How to listen deeply to others

as The Warrior

warrior listen

How to express yourself fully

as The Warrior



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