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Integrative one-on-one sessions tailored to your indiviudal needs.

Let’s uncover and transform the patterns that hold you back from being your most authentic self and from leading the life you deeply desire.

As resilient children, we develop adaptive coping strategies that help us manage painful experiences.  In adulthood, these same strategies can actually get the way of the kind of connections we long for, and often have become so ingrained and habitual that we mistake them for simply being “who we are.” 

But, they are not who you are.

Let’s dive into things, and transform the thoughts, memories, and core beliefs that may be blocking your ability to enjoy yourself, other and your life more fully today.

Live from your authentic, aligned and awake self

Would you like…


Communicate effectively and compassionately with others, especially in challenging situations so you can build stronger relationships, resolve conflicts, and avoid misunderstandings.


Develop a deeper understanding of your feelings, needs, desires and values. Express your emotions more effectively. Make more conscious and intentional choices in your life, aligned with your sense of meaning and purpose.


Resolve conflicts in respectful, transformative and nonviolent ways, avoid damaging arguments and build stronger relationships with others.


Navigate difficult conversations and conflicts with a sense of calm and confidence.


Build authentic and fulfilling relationships by learning how to get your needs met and asking for what you want as you cultivate more empathy and connection in your interactions.


Identify, understand, process, and express and field emotions in healthy ways.


Become an effective, relationally intelligent leader who can build strong teams and foster a positive organizational culture. 

Talk to me …


Nonviolent consciousness permeates all of my work.

For these private sessions, I draw on the wisdom found in relational and depth psychologies as well as in a variety of contemplative and spiritual traditions.

Rooted in integrating psychological growth, emotional healing, and spiritual transformation.

My approach is …

Middle earth 4


Just as an acorn goes through various sequences and stages to become an oak tree, the challenges of our lives are opportunities for growth that help us transcend and include earlier ways of being as we increase our capacity and reach for our potential.

unsplash image eZtLqACNlbM

Mind / Body

Your body has its own innate wisdom and healing capacity, and our work may include tuning into sensations and body-based memories and experiences while examining various life and self-care choices.

Middle earth 9


We all live within networks of systems: family systems, work systems, and cultural systems, which impact and influence our sense of identity and how we relate to others. Understanding these dynamics can be freeing and empowering.

Middle earth 7


We explore our deepest sources of vitality, meaning, strength, and guidance, honoring the important role reverence, sacredness, and beauty play in our healing and growth journeys.

Commonly Asked Questions

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Do we meet in person?

All private sessions are currently offered remotely.

What if I don’t live in Minnesota?

No matter where in the world you live, you can sign up for a private session.

Is this therapy?

The key difference between the private sessions and traditional therapy is that I won’t be providing you with a mental health diagnosis, we won’t be focusing on the treatment of a mental health condition, and I don’t work with insurance companies. You’ll still receive the privacy, confidentiality, and quality of comprehensive care you may be seeking from traditional therapy, but you’ll also benefit from a wider range of skills, insights, and capacities than managed mental health care is often limited to providing.

What if I want to focus on leadership development?

I provide executive leadership development for high-potential leaders who are seeking to expand their leadership capacities and competencies. Please get in touch with me if you’d like to discuss how I can help you with your professional development goals.


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Do you work with groups, teams, and organizations?

I’m available to facilitate trainings for individuals and groups on leadership development, building trust and cohesiveness in teams and addressing communication and relational difficulties. I have more than 25 years of experience traveling the world to bring conscious, compassionate ways of relating to teams in universities, corporations, and nonprofits. Please contact me to inquire about what I can offer for your situation.

Do you accept insurance?

I am no longer providing mental health treatment in my work and am focusing instead on personal development and transformation work. As such, I am not in-network with any insurance companies.

Why remain out of network: There are some key benefits when we move away from traditional mental health treatment. Staying independent from insurance companies gives us the freedom to draw on whichever tools are most effective and suited to your particular needs; work at whatever pace and frequency is most conducive to your healing, growth, and circumstances; respond to any issues that arise during the course of our work together; and allow the content to emerge and guide our work together in a more responsive and attuned manner.

Potential benefits: You get higher personalization, higher confidentiality and privacy, higher adaptability and responsiveness, being in control of frequency and duration of sessions, freedom to use a wide variety of evidence-based, and alternative approaches that may be well-suited to your particular situation.

Potential drawbacks: You don’t have a detailed record of your treatment that is easily shared with other healthcare professionals, out-of-pocket costs are potentially higher, and not being limited to evidence-based practice opens you to the potential of receiving therapies that haven’t been fully tested. Also, if you have a diagnosable mental health issue, it may actually benefit you more to find a licensed therapist, to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment team with detailed health records and carefully tracked progress across multiple providers.

What can we explore in a private session?

The short answer is that you’re welcome to bring pretty much anything related to your relationship with yourself, with others, or with the world at large.

Tailored to your needs, you might want to use the time to unpack a situation you’re in and get some insights into the underlying human dynamics at play, how your default responses might be getting in your way and what to do about those, empathy and healing work, generating new scripts for charged conversations, or strategizing a new way to move forward. You might also ask about how the skills and modalities covered in my programs can be applied to your life situations.

See below for more about what we can explore and my approach to the personal transformation journey.

Personal growth is an investment.

Embarking on any kind of personal growth and healing is an important investment
of your time, energy, and financial resources.

While people often balk at the cost of getting help, in my experience you’ll be paying for something either way.

If you don’t get the help you need, you end up wasting time stuck in old patterns that prevent you from moving into the future you want.

Additionally, postponing help now often leads to spending even more money on divorces, legal battles, health issues, and the costs of sustaining various compulsive and addictive behaviors.

My goal is to support you in building a solid foundation for your future relationships, both with yourself and others.


I don’t offer sliding fees for private sessions, however, I do offer support for anyone interested in attending my educational programs and public group coaching calls.

Click here to learn about my other programs or contact with any financial requests.

Let’s get to work!

Increase your …


Examine the subtle, hidden dynamics that keep you and your relationships stuck.


Expand the options and tools you have available to respond to triggers and defensiveness in more loving ways.


Relax and trust yourself in the presence of charged emotions.


Shift out of entrenched, unconscious dynamics, into more ease and harmony.


See the bigger picture and the heart truths that connect you with others in shared humanity.


Choose new responses to yourself and others, and bring more energy and possibility into your relationships.


Access grounded presence and clarity no matter how “hot” things get.

Talk to me …