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The Sovereign listening archetype



The Sovereign

You listen through the lens of dignified self-connection, honoring and staying true to your feelings, needs and values. 

Characteristics of the


Sovereign Listening Archetype

When you listen through the archetype of the Sovereign, you tend to hear through the grounded filter of self-connection, and are able to stay self-connected by tuning into your own feelings and needs. By staying deeply connected to yourself, you are able to remain composed, choiceful and deliberate in many of your responses to others.

You treat yourself with dignity and respond with elegance, self-containment, and a lot of groundedness within yourself. You listen to others from your whole self.  You know how you feel, what you need and want you’re wanting and wishing for in response to others, and you tend to be really good at revealing yourself in vulnerable, self-honoring ways.

However, while you may be skilled at self-advocacy and self-connection, you may sometimes miss the (often unintended) impact that you are having on others, and could slow down to more intentionally attune to how others are reacting and responding to you as well. 

How to listen deeply to others

as The sovereign

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How to express yourself fully

as The sovereign

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