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How to Show Up With Empathy in the Face of Judgment and Rejection

by | Sep 19, 2023 | Healthy Relationships, Personal Growth

Sometimes it can seem close to impossible to show up in the way we wish we could.

SPOILER ALERT:  Real life is filled with OTHER PEOPLE.

In the face of others’ pain, judgment, rejection, and unconsciousness, it can be difficult to pause and find our own present awareness.

Instead, sometimes we’re tempted to defend ourselves, offer explanations, or find the fault in others.

Coming to charged situations with our most empathic, open-hearted selves is a practice that needs a lot of repetition before it becomes our habit.

This week’s podcast episode features three examples of this challenge, and different strategies we can try in order to meet judgement, criticism and rejection with open-hearted empathy.  Take a listen!

Want to skip to the good parts?  Here are the show notes!

[1:20] How to respond empathically to a painful text from my father?
[10:57] What is a boundary, and how do I set it?
[17:31] How do I defend myself from others’ judgments in empathic ways?
[20:35] How do you field someone judging you, and how do you advocate for yourself when you’re being falsely accused?
[29:14] How to make peace with the tension that arises between a misinterpretation and the truth of a situation
[32:31] How to interrupt someone going on and on and on
[34:34] How do I apologize for a mistake I made?
[36:30] Are we responsible for not triggering other people?
[45:44] My marriage feels lonely – what are my options?
[57:16] Outro

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Do you have a strategy for remaining open-hearted even when it’s hard?  I’d love to know!  Please leave a comment below!


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