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The Sovereign listening archetype



The Empath

You listen through an empathic lens, attuning first to other people’s feelings and needs.

Characteristics of the


Empath Listening Archetype

When you listen through the archetype or the Empath, you’ll find that you attune very well to the feelings and needs of other people, even when others are being critical or judgmental. You can sit with a wide range of emotions in other people without losing connection to what might be important for them, or what they might be needing and wanting.

However, since you are so attuned to the feelings and needs of others, you may find yourself suffering from compassion fatigue, and strugggling to sometime know whether you are feeling your own feelings, or theirs!  One of your challenges might be staying more deeply connected to yourself.  

When you connect deeply with others’ feelings, you may run the risk of losing yourself or neglecting your own well-being.  You might also inadvertently absorb other people’s feelings and have a hard time sorting them out from your own.  People who tend to listen to others through the archetype of the Empath, often need to work consciously on their boundaries between themselves and others and to practice exquisite self-care so that they don’t fall into self-neglect.

How to listen deeply to others

as The Empath

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How to express yourself fully

as The Empath



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